Chef Pad Care

Washing Instructions

  • Chef pads put up with a lot, they work hard and are in contact with the hot lids, made form predominantly cotton fibres naturally they don’t last for ever.  
    To prolong their life they should be washed at 30 degrees
  • Air dry at room temp, no tumble dryer (as if you would with an AGA in the house) or on your range cooker.
  • Always wash dark colours separately.

Day to Day Usage and Care

  • Chef Pads are not oven gloves, cooking on a range cooker can be dangerous always take care, we always advise long oven gloves when reaching to the back of the ovens.
  • Chef Pads will protect against heat to a degree, but they are not failsafe, do take care on work surfaces or tables when getting hot things out of the oven.
  • All natural fibres will shrink and change with washing & use, we’ve all experienced the curling hob cover (personally we quite like the worn in working look, after all we work with these heavy imperfect cookers & put up with their cantankerous  ways!) but this can be prevented to a degree but not drying wet chef pads on hot cooker lids, letting them dry at room temperature is best however tempting it is to get them back on the cooker!
  • Cast Iron Range cookers are hot, leaving a Chef Pad for a prolonged period of time on your hob lid may result in scorching, we take ours off at night or when we’re not there, better to be safe than sorry!
  • Hanging loop or no hanging loop? We prefer a hanging loop, watching a hob cover slide down the back the lid when it’s raised, we think is annoying and potentially dangerous near the hot plate.