About Us

The Chef pad shop....

The Chef Pad Shop is simple we love kitchens, cooking and dining, but we are also specialists in cast iron range cooking. So our products need to be tough and hardwearing to be used with a cast iron range cooker.

Of course, its not just about the the Chef Pad, we believe in beautiful textiles and kitchen products that will look stunning and add style to any kitchen or dining experience.
Whether it is hardwearing French glasses from La Rochere, designer tea towels, or stunning Serving Trays from Jamida Sweden, or Oven gloves & mitts we have plenty in store for those who don't have a cast iron cooker.

The Chefs Pads....

We use a range cooker daily & we know how much traditional cast iron range cooker lovers rely on the very simple but very functional Chef Pad.
The chef pad at its most basic level protects your range cooker lids but also looks stunning!

It still amazes us how much we use we get from such a simple tool in the kitchen, protecting our AGA lids, grabbing a hot tray from the oven, protecting the table, mopping up a spill or on occasion even wiping a wet dog!

Our hob covers seems to have become an essential stand by that we couldn’t imagine living without. It’s worth pointing out that you don’t need a range cooker to love a Chef Pad, this very versatile tool is equally at home with all types of cookers, worth giving it a try! Just buy one as a pot stand by your cooker.

There is a Chef Pad for every range cooker & every cook.

The Designers....

We have in house designers come up with our exclusive range, they are always working on new designs & textile inventions for use with all types of cast iron range cookers.
We also work directly with some UK designers such as Michael Angove, Asta  Barrington & Anna Newman (Oravaska) and feel very honored they let us use their designs on chefs pads and tea towels.

The Chef Pad Makers...

Most of our chef pads are hand crafted in the UK by machinists who have between them who have clocked up over 100 years making this iconic product, millions of Chef Pads later they are still going strong! We do buy in some gorgeous brands such as the Raine & Humble recycled collection from Australia but If they aren't UK made we tell you in our product descriptions, to give those who want to only buy British the choice.

The Chef Pad Shop is an Independent British Company...

At the Chef Pad Shop we think AGA, Rayburn, Esse & Everhot are sensational brands, they bought us the cookers we love but we do need to tell you we are a completely independent British company.

The Chef Pad Shop or its owners are not connected to or endorsed by AGA rangemaster Ltd or the AGA range master group Ltd, Esse Engineering Ltd or Everhot Ltd in any way. “AGA” "Rayburn" "Esse" "Everhot" are all registered Trademarks and such any images that originate from The Chef Pad Shop have had the manufacturers logos removed.